The emerging global bioeconomy presents an opportunity for Nova Scotia’s renewable bioresource sector. The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub aims to create a fertile ecosystem for investors. Below is an outline of the key focus areas.


The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub understands feedstocks. A cost-effective, reliable, and long-term supply is essential to downstream processing success. Taking stock of available biobased feedstocks, including forest materials, agricultural residues, and organics from municipal solid waste streams was the first undertaking.

An extensive assessment by type, cost, and site location was compiled. This resulted in identifying an abundance of renewable feedstock supply over and above that needed to support a long-term commercial scale biorefinery operation.

Furthermore, industry feedback confirms that feedstock costs are within range of requirements. But that is not the end of the story. The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub is your conduit to feedstock stakeholders. We facilitate the support necessary to ensure continuous availability, extraction capacity, efficient transport systems, infrastructure, and implementation of the latest technologies. Continually improving feedstock cost and sustainability is of primary importance to the benefit of all. With over 2,000,000 metric tonnes of sustainable feedstock available from forest origin, agriculture, and municipal solid waste sources, Nova Scotia has ample supply for commercial scale bioresource businesses.

The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub is the means to form these critical partnerships and is another piece to an “investment-ready” Nova Scotia.

Manufacturing Options

Access to viable manufacturing sites with services and infrastructure to support a biorefinery. Multiple ‘brownfield’ sites with wood handling capability, utilities, water treatment, access to transportation networks, and more, present possible co-location opportunities.  Let The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub open these doors to lower capital investment, feedstock cost, and risk.

Market Opportunities

The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub connects producers and markets. We help de-risk a biorefinery investment by facilitating off-take agreements. Not only does Nova Scotia and its surrounding region offer a sizeable domestic market, it is also an ideal ocean gateway to European markets, major North American east coast ports, and vessels inbound via the St Lawrence Seaway. With a domestic consumption of 4 billion litres of petroleum fuel annually, and emerging policy driving the use of low carbon alternatives, Nova Scotia offers an attractive local market for bioresource firms producing low carbon, renewable diesel.

Access to Capital

The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub is all about lowering barriers and risk. This is critical to the cost of capital as an important investment consideration.  We also facilitate access to a range of provincial and federal funding programs. As key members of The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub, Innovacorp and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency have an extensive network and expertise at the ready.

Government Policy

The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub includes participation by high-level provincial and federal Government representatives. Policies that are clear, consistent, and aligned with other jurisdictions are critical.

Canada is developing a new Clean Fuel Standard, and Nova Scotia is developing a Cap & Trade policy. These policies represent a potential incentive for low-carbon, renewable fuels as an emissions reduction and economic development opportunity.