Renewable resources represent a significant portion of the Nova Scotia economy. Although there are risks and uncertainties associated with transformation, the province is well-positioned with plentiful access to the ocean, forest, and agricultural lands, a robust municipal solid waste system, and a prime shipping location to supply global demand. This transformation represents a superb opportunity for potential long-term economic health and sustainable prosperity for the entire renewable resources sector. The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub aims to be at the forefront of this transformation by promoting the virtues of renewable resources and facilitating access to new markets with efficient supply chains.

Our Mission

Create and promote best-in-class, investment ready conditions for a low-carbon, bioresource economy by:

  • Promoting and supporting innovation within Nova Scotia SMEs;
  • Advancing renewable feedstock supply chain efficiency;
  • Fostering strong collaboration among all Stakeholders;
  • Capitalizing on opportunities created by the growing global demand for low-carbon products and processes.