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Global issues related to population growth and climate change are putting new emphasis on sustainable, renewable, and less carbon-intensive products. Nova Scotia is endowed with a natural bounty of bio-resources. Our forests, lands, and oceans are sources of sustainable raw materials that can play an ever-increasing role in the fundamental supply of energy, food, chemicals, and new innovative materials in the emerging bio economy. They will be a source of comfort and economic benefit today and for countless generations to come.

The Value Proposition

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The emerging global bioeconomy presents an opportunity for Nova Scotia’s renewable bioresource sector (forest, agricultural, ocean, and municipal solid waste). Nova Scotia is well positioned to lead in providing low-carbon solutions that will also enhance economic prosperity within the province. Across Canada, forest industries have entered an unprecedented period of structural change. Within Nova Scotia, the right actions must be taken to nurture and support a successful and suitable transformation. Doing so, in concert with the entire bioresource spectrum, will assure maximum value for all sectors. The creation of The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub is a first and critical step towards this outcome.


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